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Game in style: Matching your gaming chair with your gaming setup

A beautiful interior can affect our mood, boosting happiness and improving productivity. It's no different for gaming setups. Creating an inviting and functional gaming room or corner, whether in your living room or spare bedroom, can improve your experience.  

 Ultra gaming chairs in white, black and red frames

Not only can it motivate you to game more often, but it can also improve your focus. Ruling out distractions will help you conquer your favourite realms. That's where we come in.

Ergohuman has created four unique ranges of gaming chairs with four total colour options. Choose from the Carbon, Ergohuman Ultra, Mirus Ultra, or Enjoy Ultra. Within these ranges, you have four gaming aesthetics: grey, red, black, and white. With chairs that suit every space, take your gaming sessions to the next level with Ergohuman.


The role of gaming chairs

Gaming chairs are crucial to healthy playing. When setting up your gaming chair, prioritise comfort and functionality. Maintaining correct posture, lumbar support, and flexibility is important during long gaming sessions.

Ergohuman gaming chairs are designed with user comfort in mind. With adjustable lumbar support and 5D armrests that properly support the forearms and wrists, the chairs are ideal for PC gaming, console gaming, mobile gaming, and more.

Unlike other brands, Ergohuman has two decades of experience designing globally acclaimed office chairs. Using advanced technology and state-of-the-art mechanisms, the Ergohuman chairs have studied how people sit to create the perfect gaming chair. Whether you play games for fun or compete in competitions at your gaming desk, there's a chair for everyone in our range.

Amplify your gaming space today.


Introducing Ergohuman Gaming Chairs

When looking to match your chair to your dream aesthetic, look no further than the Ergohuman gaming chairs. There are four collections in our range:

Ergohuman Carbon
Available in a black frame with carbon-fibre detailed grey mesh.

Ergohuman Ultra
Available in a white, black, or red frame with black mesh.

Enjoy Ultra
Available in a white, black, or red frame with black mesh.

Mirus Ultra
Available in a white, black, or red frame with black mesh.

All chairs are versatile enough to adapt to various gaming setups while ensuring customisation for a diverse range of bodies. Users can tailor the chair to suit their size and preferences. From seat height and depth adjustability to lumbar support and 5D armrests, the chair is flexible enough to work with you, even as you switch up your gaming style.

Click here to explore the Ergohuman Ultra's features in detail. 


Matching your gaming chair to your setup

Whether you already have a gaming setup and are simply looking for a new chair or starting from scratch, it's important that your chair blends in naturally. Your chair is the core of your gaming room, serving as the focal point in many spaces. Even if you have multiple monitors, the eye quickly draws to the chair.

Ergohuman has designed chairs for any gaming space, whether you're a fan of RGB interiors, cosy gaming, or Kawaii decor.


Tips for choosing the right gaming chair

When selecting an Ergohuman gaming chair to match your space, one of the first things to consider is colour. With four colour options - grey, white, black, and red - knowing which one will go well in your space is quite straightforward. But we'll make it easy for you with this list of various gaming setup colours and which chair will match best:

Black: Black Ultra models or Ergohuman Carbon.
White: White Ultra models.
Natural tones: White Ultra models. 
Black & white monochrome: Black or white Ultra models.
Grey: Ergohuman Carbon or white Ultra models.
RGB: Choose any chair.
Purple: White Ultra models.
Pink: White Ultra models.
Blue: White or black Ultra models or Ergohuman Carbon.
Yellow: Ergohuman Carbon or black Ultra models.
Green: Ergohuman Carbon or black Ultra models.
Orange: Ergohuman Carbon or black or white Ultra models.
Red: Red or black Ultra models, or Ergohuman Carbon.

Also, consider your personal preferences. The above recommendations might not suit your style, so choose the Ergohuman chair you like most, which will help you win your favourite games.

Lastly, consider which chair will best impact your gaming experience. The Ultra models share the same features but have varying back designs with differing kinds of lumbar support. The Ergohuman Carbon has additional features, such as a recline limiter and a 24-hour certification, making it the ideal choice for marathon gaming sessions.

Creating the ultimate gaming setup

Once you've chosen your chair, consider the other accessories you may need to complete your gaming setup. While the gaming chair serves as the centrepiece, functionality goes beyond your chosen seat. You will also need a good gaming desk, PC or console, an ergonomic mouse and keyboard, and mousepads.

If you plan to stream, you will need a camera, headphones, microphone, ring light, and a headphone stand.

You may also want to decorate your gaming setup with plants, LED lights, storage, soundproofing equipment, wall decor, figurines, and other memorabilia that add personality to your setup.


Frequently Asked Questions

> How do you set up your gaming chair?

When your Ergohuman gaming chair arrives, follow the instructions to assemble the chair. Then, it's time to make adjustments so you can sit comfortably. Sit in the seat and adjust the back height, positioning the lumbar support to your spine.

Place your feet on the floor and adjust the seat height until your knees are at a 90-degree angle. This relieves pressure on your thighs and improves blood flow. Next, adjust the 5D armrests depending on what kind of game you're playing. For example, tilt them up and angle them in when playing on a handheld device.

Finally, put the chair into free-float mode so that you can lean back and forward when needed. This keeps the chair more responsive so that you aren't entirely stationary. Free-float mode also provides the best back support, alleviating back pain.


> What's the point of buying a gaming chair?

A quality gaming chair contributes to a more enjoyable and comfortable gaming experience. Ergohuman chairs promote better posture and overall health, especially when gaming for long periods. With features such as recline, swivel bases, and adjustable heights, gamers can find their preferred position, helping them achieve top performance and immerse themselves in virtual worlds.


Are gaming chairs supposed to lean back?

Some gaming chairs do, and some don't. All Ergohuman gaming chairs have free-float mode, allowing users to lean back up to 48 degrees. The back can also lock in four different positions, so if you have a favourite spot, you can stick with it.


What type of chairs do gamers use?

Committed gamers opt for ergonomic chairs designed for prolonged use. Many gamers use office chairs instead, as they have better lumbar support and certifications. But Ergohuman gaming chairs combine the best of both worlds. With office-chair-level quality but sleek gaming aesthetics, these chairs feature adjustable armrests, lumbar support, and elastomeric mesh, providing extended comfort for hours.


> What is the best gaming chair for lower back pain?

The best gaming chair for lower back pain typically features excellent lumbar support and adjustable features. We recommend chairs that prioritise ergonomic design and focus on supporting the spine's natural curvature, relieving lower back pressure. The Ergohuman gaming chairs offer all this with adjustable lumbar support. Lumbar support can provide comfort during long gaming sessions, relieving lower back pain.


> How much is a gaming chair?

A quality gaming chair is an investment. With a 10-year warranty, Ergohuman gaming chairs are available from £777.

Explore our entire collection of ergonomic gaming chairs and get ready to game on and on and on.

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