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24-hour certified office chair for unmatched durability and comfort

When your work hours extend beyond the typical 9-to-5 routine, you deserve a chair that goes the extra mile. Introducing the Ergohuman Elite and Ergohuman Carbon – two exceptional 24-hour chairs.

Boasting a prestigious BS 5459 certification to prove the chair’s 24-hour daily durability, these chairs redefine comfort and support. Whether you're tackling extra tasks in the evening, winding down after work, or navigating shift work, choose Ergohuman if you need something for extended use.


Three Ergohuman Elite office chairs, all facing different directions. The ergonomic office chairs are featured in a black frame with red mesh, black frame with black mesh, and a grey frame with green mesh. On the chairs are white spots which, when clicked, bring up in-depth details about the chairs' features.


What is BS 5459 certification?

The BS5459 certificate is a mark of exceptional endurance. It proves that the chairs are extremely durable. The Ergohuman Elite and Ergohuman Carbon chairs are tested to the highest standards, complying with regulations that ensure they are suitable for 24-hour use. We provide a 10-year warranty with our chairs, giving you peace of mind for an entire decade, no matter how many hours you sit in the Ergohuman each day. These chairs are with you for the long haul.

When you find yourself in professions requiring shift work, such as nurse stations and call centres, a 24-hour chair becomes more than just a peace-of-mind investment – it becomes a necessity.

Ergohuman is committed to ergonomic excellence. These chairs boast exceptional lumbar support, tailored to support the natural curvature of your spine. By promoting a healthy posture, they prevent discomfort and fatigue that often accompany extended working hours. With features like seat height adjustment and 5D armrests, it’s easy for each user to experience personalised comfort.


Chairs that suit 24-hour working days

A reliable 24-hour office chair is more important than ever in today's fast-paced work environment. Professionals who work in call centres, emergency services, and other round-the-clock industries can significantly benefit from the durability and ergonomic design of the Ergohuman chairs. These chairs are 24-hour certified, which means they are built to withstand continuous usage without compromising comfort or functionality.

Whether you're working in a traditional office, a home office, or gaming, the Ergohuman chairs are designed to meet your needs. With adjustable features catering to body type, size, and preferences, sitting in a way that encourages comfort, healthy posture, and productivity has never been easier.

Designed for various environments, the Ergohuman Elite G2 excels in all kinds of work, from creative tasks to managerial roles. The 5D armrests provide prolonged arm and wrist support, making it the perfect companion for reading, researching, typing, or simply taking a break. Enjoy ultimate comfort with the free-float recline mode, allowing you to lean back generously for stretching, brainstorming, or listening to audio.


|  Long-term benefits for home offices

With the rise of remote work, the home office has become essential to many workers. The Ergohuman Elite chairs are made for this purpose, offering a reliable and ergonomic solution for professionals working long hours from the comfort of their homes. The 24-hour certification ensures users can maintain peak performance even through long working days. The chairs can keep serving them after they’ve clocked out for the day, providing a comfortable haven for gaming, reading at their desks, or surfing the web.


24-hour gaming chair

Gaming enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the unparalleled comfort of the Ergohuman Carbon during marathon gaming sessions. Ideal for multiple gamers in a household, these chairs ensure that everyone can use them at different times of the day without worrying about the integrity of the seat.

With an emphasis on ergonomics, users can maintain focus and agility without the fear of discomfort. The Ergohuman Carbon is designed to elevate your gaming experience with its flexibility, breathability, and 5D armrests – making it the ultimate ergonomic gaming chair for PC, console, and handheld gamers.


BS 5459 certification: a testament to 24-hour comfort

The Ergohuman Elite and Ergohuman Carbon emerge as symbols of endurance and comfort. The BS 5459 certification, highlighting their suitability for 24-hour use, places these chairs in a league of their own.

Whether you're a professional seeking a reliable office chair for continuous working days or a gamer in search of comfort during extensive gaming sessions, these chairs promise ergonomic features designed to cater to your unique needs. Step into the next level of comfort and productivity with the Ergohuman Elite and Ergohuman Carbon – because 24-hour chairs are what you truly deserve.


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