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Providing comfort for over 20 years

The Ergohuman brand has been transforming office spaces for over two decades. In 2023, we launched our remastered range of office chairs, including the next generation of Ergohuman, Enjoy, and Mirus Elite. Building up to this release, we spent decades fine-tuning the adjustability, advancing materials, and utilising state-of-the-art technology to create unrivalled ergonomic office chairs.


Ergohuman Elite G2

The Ergohuman Elite G2 office chair is an innovative blend of design and ergonomic science. The chair’s flex zones continuously support the back and lumbar regions, and the adjustable armrests relieve pressure on the wrists, arms, and shoulders, making it one of the most comfortable office chairs available. Certified for 24-hour use, this chair is ideal for those who work long hours and businesses with shift work, such as call centres or medical wards.


Enjoy Elite G2

The Enjoy Elite G2 office chair boasts a classic design with a sleek shape and discreet lumbar support while offering excellent value for money. It shares many features of the flagship Ergohuman chair, including automatic lumbar support, autoflex zones, and 5D armrests. The Enjoy Elite chair is certified EN 1335 for 8-hour use, making it an excellent choice for corporate workspaces and home offices.

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Mirus Elite G2

The Mirus Elite G2 office chair embodies ergonomic comfort with its responsive split backrest. The advanced lumbar system provides independent lower back support, while the upper section comforts the thoracic area. Beyond promoting healthy posture, the Mirus office chair has been designed to suit any workspace interior. Sharing the Enjoy's EN 1335 certification, the Mirus is also warranted for 8-hour daily use.

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Office chair ergonomic adjustability

Ergohuman's office chairs feature a state-of-the-art, dual-pivot synchro mechanism that operates backrest recline, seat slide, forward seat tilt, and seat height adjustment.

The second-generation models have been remastered to provide even smoother control, allowing for effortless adjustments and free float movement.

Ergohuman desk chairs feature adjustable seat height from 500 to 600 mm, allowing comfort for users of varying heights.

Ergohuman task chairs feature adjustable seat depth ranging from 490 to 540 mm.

Slide the seat forward or backward to align the small of the back with the lumbar support.

The adjustable seat depth also ensures comfort to users with long or short thigh lengths. When adjusting the chair, aim to leave a 30 mm gap between the back of knees and the front of seat to aid healthy blood flow.

The forward seat tilt synchronises with the back of the chair (2º seat to 6º backrest), allowing users to lean into their desk, reducing back strain and promoting a healthy posture.

The height-adjustable backrest offers customised support for the user's entire back, aligning the lumbar and thoracic support with the individual's spine.

Ergohuman office chairs recline more than most on the market, offering a range of up to 48 degrees from the upright position.

Users can lock the backrest in four positions or use the chair in unlocked recline (free-float mode).

Free-float mode promotes dynamic movement, which is essential for good circulation. When combined with properly calibrated tension control, the user is supported in an upright seated position and can recline by leaning back in the chair.

The chair's recline tension should be calibrated to balance the user's weight in free-float mode.

With the recline lever open, adjust the resistance of the backrest with the long tension lever to align with the user’s weight. If it's too difficult or too easy to lean back, the user will need to decrease or increase the tension respectively.

The integrated lumbar system on Ergohuman mesh chairs provides comprehensive lower back support, while the built-in flex adapts to the user's movements, reducing back pain or discomfort.

Users can refine the tension to adjust the strength of the lumbar pressure using the dials on the backrest.

Ergohuman chairs include multi-adjustable armrests to ensure that user's wrists, arms and shoulders have complete and customised support, no matter the task.

Adjust the height, width, depth, angle, and tilt to suit your mode of working, arm length, body width, and preferences.

The Ergohuman Office Chair Collection

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The Elite range is available in a light grey or black frame and six mesh colours.


Frequently asked questions

The Ergohuman Elite chair is certified for 24-hour use, while the Enjoy Elite and Mirus Elite are certified for 8-hour use.

The Ergohuman Elite is designed for those working long hours and businesses utilising shift work, such as call centres. The Enjoy Elite and Mirus Elite are best suited to corporate environments and home offices.

Despite the certifications, it's essential to take regular breaks. Ergohuman recommends leaving your chair every 30 minutes for five minutes to stretch or walk around your space.

We know that an Ergohuman chair is an investment, and want you to have complete peace of mind that your office chair will last for years to come, so we have included a 10-year warranty with every purchase. This includes replacement parts, so if you have any problems, please get in touch with us, and we will be happy to help.

We also offer a 30-day returns policy. If you are unhappy with your chair, follow our returns procedure to send it back for a full refund. No questions asked.

The Ergohuman mesh chairs are specially engineered to encourage healthy posture and minimise back pain. From their exceptional lumbar support to the mesh upholstery's 10 flex zones in the seat and back, we have taken a proactive approach to battling the problem of musculoskeletal issues in the workplace.

If you would like to experience one of our comfortable office chairs before purchasing, contact us, and we will put you in touch with your closest dealer.

When designing a reclining office chair, we wanted to ensure every individual experienced ultimate comfort. For additional support to the neck, head, legs, and feet, we offer customers an optional legrest and/or headrest to their office chair.

Yes. The Ergohuman range of ergonomic mesh office chairs cater to a diverse range of body types and sizes. The chair’s adjustable features ensure optimal support and comfort for users of varying heights and shapes up to 110 kg.

Users can adjust the seat height, seat depth, armrests, and more in order to find the best position for all-day comfort.

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