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Ultimate gaming comfort

Science-backed ergonomic comfort

Ergohuman has solved the issue of discomfort while gaming. Whether you’re a pro-level gamer who spends hours in your chair or you game in your free time, the Ergohuman gaming chairs are engineered to adapt to every player’s body shape and gaming style, providing unbeatable comfort. Backed by 20 years of research & development with millions of office chairs sold worldwide, our new range of reclining mesh gaming chairs is here to level up your gaming experience.


Ergohuman Ultra

The Ergohuman Ultra mirrors the finest elements of our globally acclaimed Ergohuman Elite office chair, but with a refined and sleek aesthetic, it is designed for dedicated gamers. Engineered for peak performance, the Ergohuman Ultra offers next-level back support and breathable mesh to keep you cool all day. The 5D adjustable armrests offer versatility and support across all platforms, whether you’re console, handheld, PC, or mobile gaming.


Enjoy Ultra

Elevate your gaming experience with the Enjoy Ultra, an ergonomic gaming chair designed to deliver superior comfort and seamless motion. Its timeless design suits any set-up, while the generously proportioned backrest suits a diverse range of users. The advanced mechanism offers generous adjustability and next-level support, encouraging a healthy posture during intense gaming sessions. Upholstered with non-slip, elastomeric mesh, stay cool when the competition heats up.

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Mirus Ultra

Featuring 5D adjustable armrests and a responsive split backrest, the advanced lumbar support on this ergonomic gaming chair contributes to full-body support. You’ll no longer be distracted by discomfort; instead, lose yourself in the game. Engineered with dynamic free-float recline mode, the Mirus Ultra ensures stability while responding to your every move so you can stay focused and energised while you play.

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Ergonomic adjustability

Our mesh gaming chairs include a state-of-the-art, synchro mechanism with advanced lever control to manage the backrest recline, seat slide, forward seat tilt, and seat height adjustment. After decades of research and development, Ergohuman gaming chairs provide smooth control for effortless adjustments and free float movement which is essential for dynamic gaming.

Ergohuman gaming chairs are seat height adjustable from 500 to 600 mm, allowing comfort for users of varying heights.

Ergohuman gaming chairs feature adjustable seat depth ranging from 490 to 540 mm. Slide the seat forward or backward to align the small of the back with the lumbar support.

The adjustable seat depth also ensures comfort to users with long or short thigh lengths. When adjusting the chair, aim to leave a 30 mm gap between the back of knees and the front of seat to aid healthy blood flow.

The forward seat tilt synchronises with the back of the chair (2º seat to 6º backrest), allowing users to lean into their game, minimising back strain and encouraging a healthy posture.

Users can adjust the backrest height so it aligns with the lumbar and thoracic area, ensuring proper support to the entire back and spine.

Ergohuman gaming chairs offer a more generous recline than most others. Users can lean back up to 48 degrees from the upright position.

Users can also lock the backrest in four positions or keep the chair in an unlocked recline (free-float mode) for more dynamic movement. When this feature is combined with properly calibrated tension control, the user can easily recline by leaning back in the chair which is excellent for good circulation.

The chair's recline tension should be calibrated properly to balance the user's weight when in free-float mode.

With the recline lever open, adjust the resistance of the backrest with the long tension lever to balance with the user’s weight. If it's too difficult or too easy to lean back, the user will need to decrease or increase the tension respectively.

The integrated lumbar system on Ergohuman mesh gaming chairs provides unbeatable lower back support, while the built-in flex responds to the user's movements, reducing back pain and discomfort.

Users can refine the tension to adjust the strength of the lumbar pressure using the dials on the backrest.

Ergohuman mesh gaming chairs feature multi-adjustable armrests to ensure the user's wrists, arms, and shoulders have complete and customised support, no matter the game.

Users can adjust the height, width, depth, angle, and tilt to suit their gaming style, arm length, body width, and preferences. This feature makes the chair ideal for versatile gaming, providing unparalleled support for those who game on a PC, dedicated console, or handheld device.

The Ergohuman gaming chairs come with a height-adjustable and pivoting, providing effective support to the back of the head, neck, and shoulders. It's suitable for users of varying heights, ensuring that each individual can experience ultimate comfort.

The Ultra gaming chairs all include a legrest as standard. It's height-adjustable, ensuring customisable support for a diverse range of users. The legrest allows for better comfort and support when users want to relax into their game and lean back, while still practicing healthy posture.

The future of comfort

Ultra ergonomic mesh gaming chairs

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Frequently asked questions

The Ultra gaming chairs stand out as some of the most ergonomic chairs on the market. With over a dozen customisable settings, the chairs can be adjusted to suit most users, regardless of their shape, size, and preferences.

The Ultra gaming chairs were engineered to provide unparalleled back and posture support. From the automatic lumbar support, 5D armrests, and swivel base to the adjustable seat height, seat depth, and tilt mechanisms, the reclining gaming chairs offer pain-free support no matter how intensely you play.

An ergonomic gaming chair is just one aspect of a fully loaded ergonomic gaming setup. Other factors to consider include a height-adjustable desk, placing your screen at eye level, utilising an ergonomic mouse and keyboard, and good lighting to minimise eye strain.

The Ergohuman gaming chairs are crafted with recycled steel, aluminium, and plastic to promote sustainability, complemented by virgin materials for enhanced durability. The upholstery is made from elastomeric mesh which is flexible, supportive, and breathable. Ergohuman’s manufacturing practices and material selections are consistently reviewed to ensure we maintain the highest sustainability and quality control standards.

All Ergohuman gaming chairs are backed by a 10-year warranty, ensuring you can rely on your seating solution as you compete. Contact us if your chair is faulty or requires replacement parts, and we will provide genuine spare components.

Yes, the Ergohuman gaming chairs are designed for both gaming and office work. If you are a gamer who spends long hours doing desk work, the Ergohman gaming chairs will be an excellent solution, providing all-day comfort and back support, no matter the task. Engineered to support you in various recline positions while supporting your arms and wrist via the adjustable armrests, you'll experience unbeatable comfort, regardless of whether you're working, researching, gaming, or brainstorming.

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