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Optimising workplace wellness with the Ergohuman office chair

Workplace wellness is gaining recognition as both employers and employees are realising the numerous benefits it brings to their teams. Ensuring staff are happy, healthy, and have a good work-life balance is becoming critical. Establishing an ergonomic workplace is a long-term endeavour, but its value cannot be overstated for a business's overall success. 

Back view of the Ergohuman office chair in a grey frame and green mesh. The chair is at a desk in a white modern office space full of vibrant greenery. A great office chair for modern workspaces.

Whether you work for yourself at home or are seeking new office chairs for your business, Ergohuman seating offers a solution. Studies have found that feeling appreciated can boost productivity by 50 per cent (source). One effective strategy to make your team feel valued is providing them with proper ergonomic office chairs. Since a considerable portion of their day is spent seated, investing in quality seating can significantly impact their well-being.

Let's explore how the Ergohuman office chair revolutionises workplace wellness through its myriad of health benefits and features.


How ergonomics improve workday wellness

At Ergohuman, designing and engineering an ergonomic chair that could improve your workday was a priority. Spending eight hours in a poorly built office chair is both uncomfortable and demoralising. Beyond that, it can contribute to the issue of back pain, musculoskeletal issues and other health conditions caused by poor posture, including:

Spinal dysfunction (source)
Joint degeneration
Rounded shoulders
Incontinence (source)
Slowed digestion

A truly ergonomic chair promotes correct posture and makes it easy to maintain it all day long. But what makes a chair ergonomic? An ergonomic desk chair, like the Ergohuman Elite, effectively supports a diverse range of bodies, especially for long periods. It will offer a range of adjustable features so that each user can tailor the chair to suit their body, height, and weight.

Ergohuman office chairs have over a dozen adjustable features, including seat height, depth, backrest height, recline, 5D adjustable armrests, and more. These features allow users of varying heights and shapes to find the best position to support their posture, height, weight, and strength.

Such ergonomic features have a profound impact on user's health as when seated properly, they will experience constant support, a healthy posture, reduced fatigue, dynamic movement, enhanced blood circulation, improved breathing, and better digestion.

When working long hours, it's vital to minimise the risk factors of certain health conditions. The Ergohuman office chairs make this possible.


Please consult with your healthcare provider to confirm whether this chair suits your needs. Although we receive endorsements from workplace assessors, it's essential to recognise that each person's circumstances are unique. Therefore, nothing we say can be interpreted as universal medical guidance. Prioritise your individual well-being by making informed decisions tailored to your specific requirements.


Features of the Ergohuman office chair

The Ergohuman office chair is one of the most versatile and adjustable task chairs on the market. Beyond designing task chairs, Ergohuman also has a range of gaming chairs with the same adjustable features, plus an included headrest and leg rest, all encased in sleek black, white, or red frames to match your gaming set-up. It's important to understand the various ergonomic features and how they benefit workplace wellness. 

> Free-float recline

The Ergohuman chairs offer generous recline so users can experience dynamic movement while seated. When you unlock the lever, the chair enters free-float recline mode. Users can smoothly rock back and forward or lock the recline at their preferred position. The free-float mode also includes recline tension control so users can adjust the backrest resistance depending on their strength.

> Adjustable lumbar support

The automatic lumbar support system in our ergonomic office chairs guarantees lower back support and minimises strain. The design promotes a healthy posture to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal issues and back pain. The lumbar support tension is adjustable so that each user can tailor the strength depending on their unique requirements.

> 5D adjustable armrests

All Ergohuman chairs feature 5D armrests with adjustable height, depth, width, angle, and tilt so that users can make exact changes to support their arms and wrists depending on their current task. For instance, when using a mobile device, angle the armrests in and tilt them up for maximum support.

> Adjustable seat depth

With the adjustable seat depth, users can customise the seat to ensure their thighs are comfortable and their lower back correctly aligned with the lumbar support. This also helps to distribute body weight evenly to reduce pressure on the lower back.

Adjustable back height

The Ergohuman office chair features an adjustable back height, ensuring its design is suitable for almost all users. Users can raise or lower the back height to fit their spine shape, ensuring proper support for the lower back.

> Forward seat tilt

The forward seat tilt allows the seat to synchronise with the back of the chair while in free-float recline mode to provide maximum comfort and relieve pressure on the lower back and abdominal area.

> Adjustable seat height

Our ergonomic office chairs feature adjustable seat height, suitable for various body types and preferences. When adjusting the seat height, make sure your feet are flat on the floor and your knees are at a 90-degree angle.

> Breathable mesh

All Ergohuman chairs are made with breathable mesh to provide ultimate comfort and superior airflow. This keeps users cool and comfortable, even on hot days, which is essential for marathon working or gaming sessions.

> Waterfall seat front

The Ergohuman office chairs feature a waterfall seat front with a gently sloping, rounded edge. This reduces pressure on the user's thighs and encourages healthy blood flow in the legs.


Health benefits of using the Ergohuman office chair

The Ergohuman office chair has maintained its position as a leading choice in corporate spaces for over 20 years. With a remarkable record of over five million sold, its popularity in the commercial sector is not a coincidence. Businesses continue to utilise Ergohuman seating, and employees are consistently satisfied, primarily due to its contribution to workplace wellness. The Ergohuman office chair has a range of health benefits, including the following:

Lower back support
Reduced neck strain
Improved breathing
Better blood flow
Reduced eye strain
Healthy posture
Less muscle pain
Better digestion
Reduced fatigue

Employees can better focus on work when not distracted by pain, tummy aches, or fatigue, leading to increased workplace satisfaction and productivity.


Choosing Ergohuman for your office - and your health

The Ergohuman office chair ranges offer comprehensive health benefits, from better posture to improved blood flow. These advantages ensure that Ergohuman is a standout choice for promoting wellness in the workplace. Backed by a 10-year warranty, you can rest assured that your Ergohuman chair is built to support you for over a decade.

It's vital that businesses and employees prioritise their health and comfort. Investing in quality ergonomic office chairs can have a profound impact on your everyday productivity and long-term health, ensuring a more comfortable and productive work experience.



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