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For perfect posture

Science-backed comfort

Our office chairs are upholstered in a unique, environmentally-friendly mesh designed to adapt to any body type and keep you cool, even on the warmest of days. With excellent elastomeric properties, the breathable and flexible mesh material is available in six colours for the office chair range and in four designs for the gaming chairs. Each chair is upholstered with ten autoflex zones, creating the perfect weight distribution and back support.

About Ergohuman T Mesh

Ergohuman has collaborated with a leading global mesh manufacturer to create the perfect mesh for commercial seating. Our primary goal was to address two common issues with conventional meshes: their abrasive nature and the problem of users sliding out of their seats.

Our innovative T mesh is made entirely from 100% polyester for maximum strength and support. Thanks to its unique fabric weave, this remarkable material offers users a comfortable, soft, and secure seating experience. Additionally, our T mesh eliminates the harsh qualities found in traditional nylon meshes and effectively prevents slipping.

birdseye view of black mesh office chair in grey frame
birdseye view of green mesh office chair in grey frame
birdseye view of scarlet mesh office chair in grey frame
birdseye view of blue mesh office chair in grey frame
birdseye view of grey mesh office chair in grey frame
birdseye view of pink mesh office chair in grey frame

Balanced back support

Proper pressure distribution is vital for seated comfort. Inadequate support and surface pressure can result in compression of blood vessels in the underlying tissues, causing reduced blood flow and discomfort for the individual. By upholstering our ergonomic office chairs with T mesh, we ensure the right level of stretch for balanced weight distribution across 10 zones: six in the backrest and four in the seat. The auto flex zones work together to deliver optimal support and promote the dynamic movement necessary for maintaining good health.

Diagram of the Ergohuman Elite office chair with the 10 highlighted zones. The pressure release zones are in grey. The firmer zones are in green, and the softer zones are highlighted in blue. Comfortable ergonomic mesh office chair

The top of the backrest reduces any pressure on the upper back area, just below the user's neck.


This provides the right amount of support to the thoracic part of the user's back, especially when reclining.


This zone provides soft comfort to the central spine, reducing pressure for long periods of working.


This delivers support to the upper part of the user's lumbar, especially in free-float recline mode.


The mesh lumbar support helps maintain the natural curve of the lower spine, reducing strain and promoting proper posture. Back height can be adjusted to ensure the chair's lumbar support is in the correct position for each user.


The bottom of the backrest reduces any pressure on the lower back area.


This zone reduces pressure on the coccyx area, minimising discomfort to the tailbone. It also ensures that your pelvis is tilted slightly forward, maintaining the natural curve of your backbone.


This firmer seat section supports the user's pelvis and keeps it in a natural position across a variety of postures.


This softer seat section continues to support the user, especially when using the forward seat tilt function, while also reducing the pressure on the underside of the thighs to help promote healthy circulation.


Unlike many other mesh office chairs, Ergohuman's smart design relieves pressure on the user's distal thigh area to prevent numbness during long seated periods.


Meeting and exceeding standards

At Ergohuman, we understand that quality and safety are crucial to product longevity. Our products are crafted to not only meet but exceed industry standards, ensuring you experience the best possible performance.

100% polyester 

Abrasion Resistance:
Past 50,000 cycles 

CTB #117- 2013 Section 1 - Cover fabric test 

Color Fastness to Light:
Grade 4.5 (AATCC TM 16.3-2014) 

Color Fastness to Crocking:
Wet Staining: 4.5, Dry staining: 4.5 (AATCC TM 8-2016) 

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Understanding mesh upholstery

The main advantages of mesh office chairs include breathability, ergonomic support, flexibility, and the seat’s ability to conform to the user's body shape. The adaptability of mesh promotes healthy posture while reducing pressure points, contributing to overall better support and minimising the risk of back pain. Mesh is exceptional for people who sit for long periods of time, as it reduces the chances of heat build-up, strain, pain, and musculoskeletal issues.

Our ergonomic mesh office chairs are an excellent choice for people who sit for the majority of their working day. The Mirus Elite and Enjoy Elite are certified for 8-hour daily use. The Ergohuman Elite is certified for 24-hour use, making it ideal for people who work long hours, shift work, call centres, and more.

Many mesh chairs are made with poor quality upholstery which will sag over time. However, our unique T mesh is guaranteed to maintain its shape for at least 10 years, even if you use the chair for long hours every day.

At Ergohuman, we wanted to make sure the design of our chairs suited a wide range of users. Generally speaking, women tend to have a more pronounced lumbar curve and a wider pelvis, which can affect how lumbar support aligns with their lower back. That's why we have designed a chair with an adjustable backrest height and lumbar tension, so men and women can align the lumbar support precisely with their spine.

Our chairs also have adjustable backrest tension, so you can calibrate the recline resistance to suit your weight. Ergohuman office chairs provide personalised support that enhances comfort and posture for both men and women.

Mesh chairs are excellent for gaming. Their superior breathability keeps you cool and comfortable during long gaming sessions by promoting airflow and reducing heat buildup.

Additionally, mesh offers flexibility and promotes dynamic movement, allowing you to shift and adjust in the chair as you play while remaining supported at all times.

With ergonomic features, such as adjustable lumbar support, mesh upholstery ensures proper posture, reducing the risk of back pain and enhancing your overall gaming experience.

Mesh chairs offer great breathability, which keeps you cool and comfortable, making them perfect for long periods of sitting, especially in warmer environments. The airflow prevents heat buildup, contributing to your overall comfort.

In colder environments, mesh chairs may feel cooler initially, but their ergonomic design and superior support provide a comfortable seating experience that outweighs any coldness. Plus, you can easily warm up by dressing in layers or wearing a blanket, ensuring mesh chairs remain a versatile choice all year round.

To clean a mesh chair, start by vacuuming the mesh to remove dust and debris. Then, mix mild soap with warm water and gently wipe the mesh with a soft cloth or sponge, avoiding excess moisture.

After cleaning, wipe down the chair with a damp cloth to remove any soap residue, and let it air dry completely before use.

If you have any questions about maintaining your mesh office or gaming chair, please fill out our contact form and our support team will be happy to assist you.

Shop for your perfect office chair

The Elite range is available in a black or light grey frame and six mesh colours.

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