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UK 10-year warranty

Comfort Seating UK Ltd products are warranted as follows:

This Regional Warranty applies exclusively to products that are not listed as exceptions below.

This warranty applies only to products delivered in United Kingdom and Ireland. Without prejudice to the legal warranties provided under national law, Comfort Seating UK Ltd warrants that all brand products are free from defects in materials or workmanship for ten years for Generation 2 task seating products used for single shift work (8 hours) except as set forth below.

The warranty is valid from the date of delivery to the original End User and is non-transferable. Comfort Seating will, at its option, repair or replace any product, part, or component that fails under normal use with a comparable product, free of charge for materials and components.

'End User' means the final purchaser acquiring a product from Comfort Seating or a Comfort Seating Authorised Reseller for the purchaser’s own use and not for resale or distribution.  

For the first 5 years:
Comfort will pay carriage costs and, where necessary, for completion of warranty work, the cost if the chair needs to be returned to Comfort Seating.

After 5 years:
Any carriage costs would be payable by end user.


Visitor and guest seating – 5 years
Contract seating versions – 5 years
Previous generation models – 5 years
Accessories – 5 years

Multi shift warranty is calculated proportionately: e.g. 24 hr use – 40 month warranty.

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