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Benefits of the optional legrest for Ergohuman office chairs

Ergohuman office chairs are ergonomically excellent as standard. They possess the power to transform your work experience, improve posture, and increase productivity. There’s a reason that the Elite range has sold over 5 million units worldwide, making them some of the most trusted executive chairs on the market. However, there are a few ways you can make the chair even more comfortable, and one option is adding a legrest.

Man reclining on a grey ergonomic office chair with his legs elevated on a legrest.

The optional legrest for your ergonomic office chair can further improve posture, minimise lower back pain, and prevent leg fatigue. Let’s uncover the importance of a reclining office chair with a legrest and whether adding one to your Ergohuman office chair is the right decision for you.


Does the Ergohuman chair come with a legrest? 

The Ergohuman chair offers an optional legrest. It is not a default feature. You can add the optional legrest if you require it. The flexibility of including a legrest underscores Ergohuman’s commitment to adjustability, as we recognise everyone has unique needs, and a legrest may not be necessary for each user.


Benefits of a legrest on the Ergohuman office chairs

When investing in the Ergohuman, Mirus Elite, or Enjoy Elite, it's important to prioritise all-day comfort. A legrest may help you experience ultimate comfort. Let's delve into the benefits of an office chair with a legrest.


> Healthy posture

A legrest can improve posture when you're leaning back. The legrest helps to maintain a neutral spine and reduces pressure on the lower back, leading to less slouching and ensuring the spine stays in its natural position.

> Minimises leg pain and stiffness

A legrest on your office chair can significantly reduce leg pain and stiffness. It provides adequate support, promotes healthy posture, and reduces strain on leg muscles. With decreased muscle tension and fatigue, users will experience fewer aches and pains, leading to a more comfortable work experience.

> Improves blood circulation

Elevating your feet can improve blood flow, which reduces numbness and tingling in the legs. Better blood circulation can help prevent discomfort and fatigue during long work sessions. Additionally, it allows oxygen and nutrients to reach the lower limbs more effectively, improving overall vascular health.

> Enhances comfort

A desk chair with a legrest improves comfort by providing foot and leg support. When desired, you can elevate your legs to experience a more relaxed and supportive sitting posture. The legrest will also reduce strain on your back and legs, which can improve comfort over long periods in your chair.

> Alleviates lower back pain

The legrest distributes your body weight more evenly in your chair by elevating your feet and promoting good posture as you lean back. This alleviates the strain on your lower back, reducing the risk of discomfort and pain. It's a simple yet effective solution to maximise your seating comfort during long working days.

> Prevents swelling

An ergonomic office chair with a legrest can reduce swelling by promoting healthy blood flow. Elevating the feet helps prevent fluid build-up in the lower extremities. Improved circulation supports the movement of blood and lymphatic fluid, preventing oedema and enhancing overall comfort.

> Reduces leg fatigue

The optional legrest for the Ergohuman chairs reduces leg fatigue while sitting, providing a supportive foundation for your legs and feet. By alleviating strain on leg muscles, the legrest ensures sustained energy levels and focus during work. At Ergohuman, employee well-being and comfort are our top priorities, contributing to a performance-based working environment.

> Customisable angle

The angle-adjustable legrest offers customisable support to align with your preferences. Its flexibility allows you to adjust the chair and experience maximum comfort depending on your preference and mode of working. The optional legrest makes the Ergohuman chairs an excellent choice for agile workspaces.

> Allows for versatile sitting

A legrest on an office chair supports versatile sitting by offering extra support and adjustability. Users can adjust the legrest’s angle, accommodating various sitting positions. This flexibility ensures that each user can find the most comfortable sitting posture throughout the day by providing a range of options. It's particularly convenient if you transition between sitting positions throughout the day, such as sitting upright or reclining during a brainstorming session or on a phone call.


Who makes Ergohuman chairs?

Ergohuman chairs are a trademark of Comfort Seating Group. The Comfort Seating Group wholly owns, designs, and manufactures Ergohuman office chairs. Comfort also designs and makes the Enjoy Elite, Mirus Elite, and other executive office chairs, as well as the new range of ergonomic gaming chairs.


Black office chair in rustic room. The Ergohuman Elite in black frame & black mesh is reclined with the legrest unfolded. The chair is in a brown rustic room with exposed brick walls and beams. There is a brown sofa in the back left and the chair is situated at a wooden desk.

Frequently asked questions

> What are the drawbacks of a legrest on an office chair?

While legrests offer several benefits, there are potential drawbacks to consider:

Limited mobility
Some users may find legrests restrictive, limiting their ability to move or change positions freely. Ergohuman's legrests are designed to fold under the chair's seat when not in use.

Space limitations
Legrests can increase the chair's overall dimensions, potentially causing issues in smaller workspaces or home offices.

Individual preferences
Everyone has unique preferences, so a legrest may not be comfortable for everyone.

Not suitable for all tasks
A legrest may interfere with work requiring frequent movement or standing.

It's essential to carefully evaluate your needs and preferences before selecting a legrest. Take into account your work tasks, available space, and whether the leg rest suits your requirements and working style.

> Should you use a legrest for office work?

If you find that using a legrest makes you more comfortable, then it's worth using one. This is especially helpful for people with difficulty maintaining a neutral posture, people who lean back often, and those who experience increased leg pain. A legrest can reduce strain and fatigue, improve blood flow, and reduce swelling. However, if you frequently switch between sitting and standing or have limited space, a legrest on your office chair might not be the best option for you.


> Should the Ergohuman legrest be flat or angled?

Ergohuman's legrest is automatically set to elevate your legs to the optimal angle for comfort while balancing the chair's centre of gravity for safe reclining.


> Can the legrest be fitted after purchase?

When you purchase an Ergohuman office chair with a legrest, the legrest is integrated into the chair's build. Although our technicians can retro-fit these in our workshops, we don't sell legrests separately to customers except as a replacement part when one has been pre-fitted.


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