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How Ergohuman gaming chairs support your health and well-being

When looking for a supportive gaming chair, you may hear pro gamers advise against using traditional gaming chairs. They often suggest choosing an office chair instead. Many so-called ergonomic gaming chairs are often rigid, low-quality, unreliable, and lack the necessary features to adjust the chair to fit your body properly. 




On the other hand, high-quality ergonomic office chairs typically offer extensive adjustability. You can usually customise the seat, backrest, armrests, and lumbar support system, making them far more comfortable than standard gaming chairs.

However, most office chairs aren't designed to blend with the vibe of typical gaming setups. That's why we, the creators of the globally acclaimed Ergohuman office chair, decided to design gaming chairs that retained the sought-after aesthetic but offered the comfort and support of office chairs.

Ergohuman gaming chairs are not only stylish and comfortable, but they are also designed to support your well-being. Let's explore the health benefits of our gaming chairs and how they can maintain your comfort for up to 24 hours a day.


The thought process behind our comfortable gaming chairs

At Ergohuman, our top priority when designing new products is your comfort, health, and well-being. Our ergonomic office chairs are designed to support your posture, back, breathing, digestion, and blood flow. The Elite task chairs, endorsed by workplace assessors and occupational therapists, are enjoyed by millions worldwide.

With decades of experience, we set out to create the new, contemporary, and adjustable Ergohuman gaming chairs. These chairs include all the adjustable features of our office chairs, making them some of the most ergonomic gaming chairs available.

Equipped with a legrest and headrest, the Ergohuman gaming chairs are designed for intense gaming sessions. The Ergohuman Carbon model is certified for 24-hour use, which is ideal for marathon gaming. The Ultra models, certified for 8-hour use, are perfect for hobby gamers or those with a more structured gaming schedule.

Designing comfortable and supportive gaming chairs is of paramount importance to us, but what is it that makes our chairs so beneficial for your well-being? Let's explore.


Health benefits of Ergohuman gaming chairs

Whether you’re a marathon gamer or need a chair for work and play, your health should come first. If you get a sore back and numb legs and are generally uncomfortable after a few hours in your desk or gaming chair, it’s likely because it’s not ergonomic or calibrated to your body. It’s important to invest in a chair that will benefit your health, not make it worse.

We also recommend taking a break from your chair every 30 minutes. Get up, walk around, and stretch. Combining frequent breaks with a high-quality ergonomic gaming chair will deliver a myriad of health benefits, including the following:

> Prevention of musculoskeletal injuries

Good ergonomic support can prevent the risk of musculoskeletal issues and disorders. At Ergohuman, we ensured that our chairs offer up to 24-hour comfort for even the most sensitive users. The elastomeric mesh on our chairs – as opposed to fake leather or memory foam – and an adjustable lumbar support system contribute to healthy and comfortable seating.

> Better posture

The gaming chairs' adjustable backs and built-in lumbar support contribute to healthy posture so you can enjoy all-day comfort. Good posture is important for reducing strain on your back muscles, especially if you participate in long and intense gaming sessions.

> Easier breathing

When you practice better posture, it’s easier to breathe. Our ergonomic gaming chairs are designed to help you sit upright and, therefore, improve your breathing. Make sure you adjust the seat height correctly and keep your feet on the floor, and you will notice enhanced breathing as you game.

> Better digestion

The posture support on our comfortable gaming chairs helps digestion by allowing the digestive organs to function at their best.

> Improved circulation

Ergohuman gaming chairs feature a waterfall seat front. The curved edge ensures good blood flow to the legs. This reduces numbness and tingling in the bum and legs, which is an issue with less ergonomic chairs. You can also adjust the seat depth to minimise stress on the legs. Ensure a 2 cm gap between the back of your knees and the edge of the seat, and enjoy sustained comfort for hours.

> Reduced strain

With an ergonomic design and 5D adjustable armrests, our range of gaming chairs can minimise strain injuries. With the Ergohuman chairs, you can customise your seating position and the armrest height, width, depth, angle, and tilt so you can experience ultimate comfort and support no matter how you game.

> Reduced neck strain

The included adjustable headrest allows you to alter the height and angle so you can find the most comfortable spot for your size and height. With proper head and neck support, you will experience reduced neck strain with Ergohuman.

> Reduced hip pressure

The chair’s elastomeric mesh and contoured seat help distribute your body weight evenly, minimising pressure on the hips and backside. The adjustable seat also ensures the chair suits a wide range of users, making it an inclusive gaming chair.

> Less back pain

The Ergohuman gaming chairs are built to minimise back pain, so you can experience unbeatable comfort and support. The automatic lumbar system moulds to the natural curve of your spine, reducing back pain.


Can I sit in Ergohuman gaming chairs all day?

The Ergohuman Carbon is certified for 24-hour use, promising comfort for marathon gaming sessions or people who share the chair with other household members. The Ultra gaming chairs are certified for 8-hour use. Although our chairs are approved for long hours, make sure you take regular breaks and incorporate exercise into your daily routine to avoid various health conditions associated with sedentary living.


Frequently asked questions

> What are the limitations of gaming chairs?

Many gaming chairs on the market are made with cheaper materials, poor build quality, and minimal ergonomic support. Budget gaming chairs often prioritise a certain aesthetic – such as a racing car style – over ergonomic design. Poor ergonomic design can often contribute to a sore back and poor posture, causing discomfort and distraction for players who want to immerse themselves in their game.

Poor build quality and cheap materials, such as fake leather or memory foam, are more likely to wear and tear quicker. These gaming chairs will ultimately have a shorter lifespan, which can cost you more money in the long run.

On the other hand, Ergohuman gaming chairs have an excellent ergonomic design, promising decades of comfort and support. The elastomeric mesh contributes to a durable seating solution that is easy to clean, offers dynamic support, and is breathable. We offer a 10-year warranty to ensure your peace of mind with your purchase.


> Can I use my gaming chair for office work?

The Ergohuman chairs are all designed to be used interchangeably. So, you can use your gaming chair for office work, and you can use your office chair to game. Both ranges of chairs feature the same adjustable functions as each other. The main difference is that the gaming chairs come in three new colours, use a slightly different control mechanism, and come fully loaded with a headrest and legrest. We designed chairs that are versatile enough for users who work, rest, and play.


> Do Ergohuman gaming chairs recline?

The gaming chairs lean back over 45 degrees from the upright position, so you can recline at various angles. You can put the chair into free-float recline mode, which allows you to lean back and forward smoothly as you game, or you can lock the recline into one of four lockable positions if you have a preferred spot. No matter what position you choose, the Ergohuman gaming chairs are designed to sustain proper posture, even if you’re fully reclined.


> What materials are Ergohuman gaming chairs made from?

We use unique elastomeric mesh for the seat and backrest of our chair. The mesh used is non-slip, anti-pilling, and very breathable to ensure comfort and support during intense gaming sessions, no matter the climate.

The rest of the chair is constructed using an intelligent combination of robust plastic, aluminium alloy, and steel. It has a high rate of recycled content and can be recycled up to 97 per cent.


Level up with a supportive gaming chair

Find your comfort zone with Ergohuman gaming. These ergonomic chairs are designed for pro gamers, novice gamers, and hobby gamers who care about their health. Certified for up to 24-hour use, our gaming chairs are an unbeatable choice for those who want to give their body the most comfortable experience. Discover what it feels like to game with full-body support from top to tail with Ergohuman.



Ergohuman offers free delivery, 30-day returns, and a 10-year warranty.




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